Membership Editions & Prices

Feature Basic Premium
Search White Diamonds
Search Fancy Color Diamonds
Search Finished Jewelry
View, Print, and E-mail On-line Certificates and Jewelry Images
Upload Your Inventory and Certificates via Upload Tool
Post Urgent Diamond Requests
Request selected diamonds and jewelry directly from the supplier.
Receive notification of customer requests by e-mail and online through your summary panel.
Automatic Inventory and Certificate Upload.
Upload white diamonds, fancy color diamonds, and finished jewelry inventory including all your certificate images and jewelry images as well.
Receive Urgent Diamond Requests by E-mail and online.
Secure Private Access to Your Own Inventory - Access your information from anywhere in the World. Great for tradeshows and salespeople on the road! Your inventory appears in a seperate page that only you have access to.
Online Contacts - Private access to your customer, supplier, and contact information online. Easily upload your contacts from MS Outlook, ACT, DIAMOND TRACK™, or CSV file.
For Retailers: Complete Diamond & Jewelry Search Capibility for Your Website! We’ve developed an amazing utility that can be quickly placed onto any retailer’s website providing a complete inventory search capability. The retailer has complete control of the inventory categories’ being displayed as well as choosing what data appears. Set your own markups. Display MSRP along with your special prices. Easily set the colors to match your existing store site. Using our unique FetchVPI™ capability you can select from one or many suppliers to have live inventory instantly appear on your site. You can even upload your own inventory for your own site as well as others!
For wholesalers: Provide Live Inventory on Your Website in Under an Hour! - Add a complete inventory search capability right on your own website! Instantly provide secure, password protected access to your inventory for your own customers. Fits into your existing website design. Allows customers to register for access. Choose White Diamond, Fancy Color Diamond, and Finished Jewelry Searches with a click of your mouse! You can even have your inventory appear instantly on other wholesaler's and retailer's websites! Via FetchVPI™ (Virtual Private Inventory™)
Monthly subscription fee Free! $49.95

* Requires both retailer and wholesaler have a premium subscription plus a one-time $250.00 fee to setup FetchVPI™ onto retailer's website.
Note:Customers in New York State are subject to city and state sales taxes.