MyFetchSite™ Affiliate System

The MyFetchSite™ affiliate system provides wholesalers with a fast and easy solution to offer to their retailers providing a powerful inventory search capibility that they can integrate directly onto their own websites. The inventory that appears on the retailers website is updatted automatically. Each retailer can have their own markups and can choose what data appears in their search results. For example a retailer may not want to include a cut grade or price-per-carat column. Changes to price markups and settings and be made easily at anytime.

The MyFetchSite™ affiliate system allows the wholesaler to choose between three different inventory search applications: MyFetchSite™ Lite, MyMini-Search™, and MyQuickSite™. Each of these applications provides a different look and feel. Users can choose which version best suits the retailer's website.

MyFetchSite™ Lite

Provides a simple means of integrating the wholesalers live inventory into an inventory page on a retailers website.

MyFetchSite™ Mini-Search™

Provides a compact white diamond search plugin for a retailer's home page. Instead of having a separate web page for diamond searching, users can quickly implement this solution directly onto any page. Search results open on top of existing page. This is a perfect solution for websites with busy or congested home pages. Can be installed on other pages as well.


Provides a separate (external) page that can be branded with the retailer's logo providing a direct URL (address) that the retailer can either access directly or add as a link on their existing website. MyQuickSite™ can also be used by wholesalers who wish to provide access to their inventory by their customers.

All three applications are fast and easy to set up and implement. Using our MyFetchSite™ Afiliate Settings application, you can add an affiliate retailer in seconds. The program will generate a single line of simple HTML code to give to your retailer's website programmer. If you prefer you can have our technicians add the code to their website for a small fee.

These licenses cost only $1.00 per month per affiliate and are sold in blocks of 10. If you purchase 1 block you will be billed $10.00 per month in addition to your $49.95 monthly Premium membership fee. The billing for the affilliate licenese will appear as a separate charge on your credit card bill. You can purchase additional licenses at any time. You may cancel license subscriptions at any time however your license will terminate at the end of the current billing period. Refunds are not offered for partial periods.

If you wish to purchase MyFetchSite™ Affilliate licenses please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .